Sawmill Brook Preserve & Joshua’s Trust Wolf Rock Nature Preserve

Location: Mansfield, CT

Links: Joshua’s Trust; the trail map for Wolf Rock Preserve is included in the Sawmill Brook Preserve map

Date: December 21st, 2017

Time: 10:45 am – 1:15 pm

Hike Duration: 2.5 hours; approximately 2 miles (I think.)

Weather: Sunny, 30 degrees, windy

Wolf Rock Overlook

How’s this for a lunch with a view?! We started out thinking we might be a little underwhelmed with this hike, but we were definitely wrong.

We parked on Crane Hill Road, across from the entrance to the trail head. Once we got our gaiters and back packs on, we took a look at the map and decided to save the hike up to Wolf Rock for last. At the split in the trail, we went to the right to explore the woods down below Wolf Rock first.

Through the trees, we were able to catch glimpses of the height we’d eventually be climbing to, which built some anticipation for our lunch with a view. The ground held a thin layer of icy snow, making some sections of the trail a bit treacherous even though it was mostly flat at this point.


One reason I love to hike in the winter, aside from the absence of bugs, is how much fresher the air seems. I actually feel like it’s easier to breathe. And I love the contrast of my body being warm, but the air on my face being cool. It feels invigorating!

We paused for a few minutes at the marsh to have a snack. Cashews and raisins hit the spot. This was a quick stop since it was cold and windy. We didn’t want to lose body heat from being still for too long.

Snack with a view

We continued on to the “utility corridor” and then decided to turn around and head back towards Wolf Rock. The hike up wasn’t too bad. It felt good to get our legs stretching and our blood pumping. This was a fairly easy hike for us (I only tagged it as moderate due to the icy trail conditions) so we even ran a section of  the incline, just to get our momentum going and push ourselves. Dennis always has more stamina for this than I do!

The top of Wolf Rock was breathtaking. Amazingly enough, the wind was calm and the sun was warm, which made for an extremely pleasant and relaxing dining experience. Plus, Dennis made the sandwiches this morning and put avocado on mine. Yum! This was a fabulous hike and we’re looking forward to exploring more of the Joshua’s Trust properties.


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