Pulaski State Park

Location: 151 Pulaski Rd, Chepachet, RI

Links: Rhode Island State Parks; AllTrails; Map PDF (or see the map of our specific route)

Date: January 25th, 2018

Time: 10:15 am – 1:00 pm

Hike Duration: 2 hours and 45 minutes; Roughly 2.5-3 miles

Weather: Sunny, around 25 degrees F, windy

our lunch with a view
Our lunch with a view

It was cold today! Like brain freeze and I actually had to use hand warmers kind of cold. Mostly due to the gusts of wind. BRRRR!

We’ve hiked at Pulaski State Park a few times. This same time last year we saw a bald eagle here. We actually had two encounters with bald eagles last year. The other was at the West Thompson Lake where we saw an adult and a juvenile eagle. Amazing!

Today our route took us around the pond, where we walked on an unmarked trail right along the water. At one of the flowing brooks, we stop for a few minutes of sound bathing, one of our nature practices. We continued to follow this wooded trail beside the water until we hit the beaver dams. It’s rare that we ever get to see a beaver, but it’s still exciting to witness their architectural ability.

A beaver dam runs from one side to the other, towards the center line of this photo

Since beaver has shown up during two hikes in a row now, I decided to take a closer look. Tracking and the Art of Seeing by Paul Rezendes is a great book for learning more about the lives and habits of animals.

I also love Animal Speak by Ted Andrews. This book takes things a little deeper by exploring how the behaviors and lifestyles of animals can offer lessons that help us reflect upon our own lives. The keynote of the beaver is “the building of dreams.” Beaver shows us how to construct wonderful dreams, and it also reminds us that we have to take action in order to make our dreams a reality.

After visiting the beaver dams, we made our way through the woods to the gravel road. We followed this road past some baby pine trees and then to a covered bridge. Once we passed the bridge, we decided to follow a trail off the map just to see…we love to be surprised in our explorations!

These are my favorite kinds of foot bridges!

A perfect lunch spot! Next time we hike here, we’ve decided to figure out how to start off closer to this area. We noticed markers for North South Trail and need to do some research to find out more, but here’s a start.

We parked our bottoms on the other side of this foot bridge for lunch. Sitting on the grass, in the sun, looking out over the pond. We could even hear the ice shifting and cracking, the deep sounds of it echoing through water. This was a pleasant spot to eat lunch, until a gust of wind swept across the pond, cracking ice along the way and blasting us with its frigid air – a reminder that it was time to get moving again!

We made our way out to Center Trail, following that to Hemlock Glenn Trail. We passed a couple more foot bridges, did a little rock hopping, and then returned to our starting point at Peck Pond. Another fun day playing in the woods!

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