Jeep Adventuring

Location: Killingly, CT

Links: Chase Reservoir; Whipple’s Chapel

Date: Thursday, September 6th

Time: 9:30 am – 11:30 am

Weather: Partly to mostly sunny, muggy. Temps 80-90 degrees

The kind of sign that puts a big smile on our faces!

This has been a hot summer here in New England! Today we opted for a doorless Jeep ride to do some exploring and adventuring. This is one of our favorite past-times. We enjoy driving on beautiful back roads, feeling immersed in the nature around us. Looking out at the woods and the fields and the farms. Feeling the wind moving through the Jeep and around our bodies. Breathing in the fresh air. A perfect activity for a hot summer day!

Today, we hit the road with no expectations. No destination in mind. No clear route to take. Just ourselves, some water, an apple, and Dennis’s fishing gear, in case we came across a good spot to fish.

We started out driving around Thompson and Putnam, choosing roads that seemed interesting, and especially those that were unpaved. We ended up on Pratt Road, an unpaved road in Dayville/Killingly, CT.

As we slowly made our way down the wooded road, we noticed a gate and sign on our left that peaked our curiosity. Deciding to explore, we parked the Jeep and made our way into the woods.


Within 5 minutes of walking in, we began to notice some shimmering through the trees in the distance. Following the slightly overgrown trail, we found ourselves at the edge of a large body of water. No pics because I didn’t even grab my cell phone for the walk!

Being somewhat grown in with lily pads, this area wasn’t ideal for fishing. We decided to hike back out and continue down the road to see if we could find a better spot. We eventually came the end of Pratt Road at the opposite end of a reservoir. Here we found a perfect place to relax and enjoy the view.

Chase Reservoir

Dennis attempted to fish, while I attempted a sitting meditation. The sun felt hot, yet at the same time it felt so good to be surrounded by blue sky and trees and water and grass. Listening to the birds and breathing in the scents of nature.

And then listening to Dennis whisper-yelling my name to get my attention. Apparently, he had just been about to step down on some rocks at the water’s edge when he realized there was a water snake hanging out there! (Have I mentioned how much Dennis hates snakes?)

Northern Water Snake

I walked over to find the snake mostly hidden by rocks, with just its head and a small part of its body floating in the shallow water. I finished my sitting meditation as a ‘standing and observing a snake’ meditation. Amazing. There’s a little rush of adrenaline when you encounter a creature like this in such close proximity!

We watched the snake as it rested in alert stillness, while curious little fish darted near and away from it. It finally slithered into deeper water and we decided it was time to get back on the road and cool down!

On our way home, we drove through the small village of Ballouville (another part of Killingly) and followed some signs for Whipple’s Chapel.

This quaint little spot has some history to it and you can read more by following the link I included up above. It’s no longer open, but it was an interesting find. There’s plenty of room to pull off to the side of the road across the street from it to check it out.

Sometimes my favorite adventures are the ones with no destination or expectation. Just a desire to spend time together outside and a willingness to explore wherever the journey leads us.

Happy exploring! 🙂

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