Bull Hill

Location: Thompson/Woodstock, CT

Links: Wyndham Land Trust; Last Green Valley; AllTrails; Hartford Courant article

Date: Thursday, January 3rd, 2019

Time: 10:00 am – 11:30 am

Hike Duration: 2.4 miles; 1.5 hours

Weather: Partly cloudy; 35 degrees F

Our view, but not with a lunch today

This one was a family hike!

We parked at the end of Bull Hill Road, just outside the metal gate. It looks like you can park just inside the gate as well, according to the Wyndham Land Trust. This was a short and easy hike, with well-marked trails.

The overlook for Bull Hill is known as the “Three Trees”. We’ve noticed these trees so many times, off in the distance, on our drives through the area. You can’t miss how they stand out in the distant tree line. It was so cool to finally see them up close!

The top of Bull Hill offers beautiful and scenic views, mostly looking west over Woodstock. We brought our binoculars and enjoyed finding and pointing out the different landmarks we are so familiar with.

On our way down, we explored some of the trails on the opposite side of the preserve from the overlook. Just a little adventuring before we returned.

This is definitely a nice, short walk for those days when we want to get outside, but have other commitments we need to balance as well. Hopefully we can return at some point when it’s warmer, so we can relax and enjoy the view for a longer period of time!

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