Sugar Brook Loop Trail

Location: Plainfield, CT

Links: AllTrails; Explore Connecticut; Trail Map

Date: Thursday, January 10th, 2019

Time: 10:00 am – 1:00 pm

Hike Duration: 4.7 miles; 3 hours

Stats: Approximately 11,500 steps; 25 floors

Weather: Overcast; light snow flurries; 30-35 degrees F

Our lunch with a view

Today’s mission was to find a place where we could wander in the woods. We weren’t looking for an overlook. We were just in the mood to completely immerse ourselves in a tree filled landscape. This hike ended up being perfect for that!

This is a loop trail and is well marked with blue blazes. You have to walk from the parking lot back down the dirt road for a bit to pick up the trail heads on either side.

For the most part, I would say these trails would be best hiked from late fall to early spring. It seemed as if there would be too much overgrowth during full foliage months, meaning a greater risk of picking up hitchhikers (aka ticks).

For much of the beginning of this hike we were walking a ridge line in the woods, with the landscape dropping down on either side. We came to a few open fields and river crossings as well. A barely there light snow was falling around us, mostly noticeable as the coolness of tiny flakes melting on our eyelids.

We had some interesting finds on this hike. The creepiest being a stone structure with an open doorway…

We peaked into the empty structure, but had no intention of stepping foot inside!

The most amazing being possibly one of the largest pine trees we’ve ever seen…

King of the Forest

The funnest being a lawn chair on the river and a cavernous tree…

And I would be remiss if I didn’t share the somewhat precarious footbridges…

Corn cobs were scattered on the trails, most likely from the bordering cornfields and carried into the woods by hungry animals…

Overall this was an enjoyable, although COLD, hike!

Happy Hiking!

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