Trail Wood, CT Audubon

CT Audubon Society at Trail Wood

It’s the last day of September. I’m sitting in writer-naturalist Edwin Way Teale’s writing cabin at the CT Audubon Society at Trail Wood in Hampton, CT. September has been a month of transition. A month of challenges and of successes. I’m so grateful I gave myself this little retreat for the day!

I arrived at 8:00 am this morning. I enjoyed my coffee while I did my morning reading, sitting in the rocking chair in front of the open door, bundled up in the blanket I brought along. I took some time to meditate and then I set out on a 2 hour hike exploring the surrounding trails.

Although I’ll admit I did miss my hiking partner, it was still an enjoyable and peaceful hike around the property. My only “brush with death” came when a buck jumped up with a snort from the brush about 10 feet away from me. That will certainly wake you right up in the morning! It quickly leapt into the woods while I stood frozen, heart pounding in my chest and senses on high alert!

When I returned to the cabin, I had some lunch, did a little more reading on a blanket in the grass in the sun, and then I decided to actually write something. After all, it is a writing cabin!

Teale’s writing cabin is a small, one-room log cabin set overlooking a small pond. It’s furnished with a rocking chair, a few shelves, and a large desk and chair. There’s no electricity, no internet, and barely a signal. I have the door and all the windows open right now. As I write, sitting at his desk, I can turn my head over my left shoulder and look out the window towards the pond. It’s so peaceful and I can clearly see how this spot would have been an inspiration for him.

It’s a beautiful fall day. The sun feels warm and the air feels cool. The colors of the trees reflect in the pond. Leaves litter the ground and trails, still gently falling on the breeze from above. The constant hum of insects fills my ears, along with the occasional rustling in the woods from a bird or squirrel or chipmunk. It’s so loud right now. And at the same time, so quiet. A perfect spot for some creative solitude.

I love it here. Since I first discovered Trail Wood a few years ago, I’ve had this sense that it would become the place I return to again and again. The woods I would become intimate with. I love that Edwin and his wife Nellie lived here. Their former home still sits across the pond from the writing cabin. Maybe I feel some sense of them as kindred spirits to Dennis and myself.

Although I haven’t kept up with posts about our adventures over the past year, Dennis and I are still hiking. I hope to get back to writing here more at some point. However, if you’re so inclined, you can find us on Instagram. Just search for “ourlunchwithaview”. Hope to see you there!

Happy hiking!


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