Tree Leaning

Find a tall, thinner tree with minimal branches on the lower part of the trunk. I have some pine tree groves where I love to do this practice. Try to find a tree whose tallest part sways gently in the breeze. tree leaning

Lean the back of your body against the tree. Mold as much of your body as you can to the tree, while still allowing yourself to lean and feel comfortably supported by the tree.

Close your eyes and breathe.

Feel for the subtle swaying movement of the tree as it flows down the trunk. You can’t see the trunk area moving in the breeze like it does at the top. But by leaning against the tree, you can feel the sway of the tree in your own body.

Then imagine…

your feet turn into the roots that travel deep into the earth.

your body extends up as the trunk.

your head is in the canopy, extending out into branches reaching for the sky.

Just for a few moments, let yourself become the tree.